This is what conferences are made of.

This is what conferences are made of.

I’ve returned from IA Summit 2013, and, yes, the speakers were moving, the panels were engaging, the whole event was great. But it was the people that made it such a worthy conference. I didn’t emerge with brilliant new tools for doing my job (though some people did, and that is awesome). But it did give me something that’s been rare during much of my career: a sense of connection. Continue Reading

Big news for the new year.

Oh, January: a month of fresh starts, particularly if you’re me and are recovering from your very own etch-a-sketch end of the world. The changes that I set in motion in November were part of an ongoing process, after all. So 2013 opens on a slew of new beginnings for me – a re-raveling of sorts.Continue Reading

If you use one piece of punctuation in 2013, let it be the Oxford comma.

This is actually an opportune day to write about the Oxford comma, being the last day of 2012, because everyone around me is writing lists! Lists upon list. Lists of lists. End-of-year reviews and recaps. So listen up, folks who are making lists: consider employing the Oxford comma in your list-making machinations. It does so much and with so little effort. It is an absolute gem of punctuation.Continue Reading