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  1. Really powerful post. I lost my Grandad to a massive stroke and reading this helped me almost understand how he might have felt during the stroke and in the week he was still alive.

    It does make me happy to read that you powered through and continued to find your feet as a consultant. I’m sure you’ll forever thank yourself for that.

    • Thank you! I’m so sorry for your loss, and I’m glad you were able to find something resonant in my words. Many cheers.

  2. Really beautifully written. My dad’s been having ischemic attacks every once in a while for…a while. He refuses to see anyone about it. This was a push to try talking to him about it again. Thanks.

  3. Lisa Maria,

    Some of your sentences made me shake. Some made me shiver. Some made me cry. And the rest made me think. Clearly you are a poet, but I am always awed at how you manage that delicate dance between the things we cannot control, and the things we cannot, and the things we think we control but really don’t (like our glorious and treacherous bodies). So glad you wrote about this.

    • Gosh, thank you! Not superhuman — just very lucky and surrounded with positive support. I should have written more about that!

  4. Wow, just wow. I loved all of this; learning what that time was like for you, your style of writing. Everything. Miss your face, but I’m so glad you’re in a better place now. Consider Pie bookmarked!

  5. Lisa, WOW. I have so much to say. Forgive me, this may sound like I’m reporting from a rowboat on the sea during a thunderstorm. I am actually reporting from work–gasp! (Don’t tell the boss.) This was such a powerful and chilling post–also remarkably beautiful. (I trust that you understand my meaning.) Your writing continues to astound in subtle shifts and insights. It’s the poetic and nuanced writing that I miss–and I miss you. I knew that you’d experienced a stroke, but only the outline–a passing note while perusing Facebook. It’s been so long since we’ve been in touch. Your description of the event, and the recovery, was truly enlightening to me. It was an educational moment, as I admittedly knew only the stereotypical (or otherwise common) signifiers that we hear about in the media. I am so glad that you made it through. It makes me happy and proud to hear about the work that you’ve been doing. I continue to reminisce often of our adventures in writing and other meaningful experiences at CMU and beyond (i.e., after graduation). This is not difficult or surprising, as I still work for the university. I’m glad that I’ve found your blog; I will check back often. Take care, and feel free to message me! M.

    • Mike, thank you so much! What a deeply touching and meaningful comment. I know I don’t keep in touch very well, but I certainly hold our memories/friendship in regard! I hope you’re doing well, and that we catch up soon! Cheers!!

  6. Thanks for sharing your amazing story. I’m so glad you’ve continued along your own path and found the courage to continue designing and defining your own scene. #onward&upward

  7. What a difficult thing to go through! Thanks for sharing your story. So glad you are doing better now. Makes us all appreciate what we have – you never know when it can be taken from you. Good luck on your journey…

  8. LISA, is this you……..? Wonderful how you are sharing this, it might help many of us…….at soon to be 83 I feel getting closer to similar events in the future, BABA
    I seem to be heart healthy but my dad died at 51 years of age……never saw a grandchild and he would have been a dynamite grandpa.

  9. I simply have to thank you for writing this. Not because I have had this experience, or have had someone close to me experience this, but because I know this can happen to me or anyone I know, as it happened to you. And because you write about this difficult topic it so well. In a small way, I feel better prepared mentally & emotionally for an event like this happening – and for that I thank you!

  10. Incredible story. Your story made my heart beat accelerate. I’m glad you are well, and I’m gladder you’ve found the right balance for you. I seek the same in my life.

    – Dave

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