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What We Need Here is a Cookie Strategy

What We Need Here is a Cookie Strategy

I’m in charge of the bulk of holiday preparations for my family this year. This is mainly because I said so because I am bossy, but also because I’m a practical choice for cruise director, as I’m a) working from home, and b) centrally located at my parents’, and c) not in Germany or expecting a baby or having a life, like the rest of my family members.Continue Reading

Harder, better, faster, stronger.

Why should an established process make room for content strategy? What does a team or project or client gain when somebody is dedicated to content issues? After all, if content is already getting handled, one way or another, without a content strategist – why go to the trouble of optimizing your process for content?Continue Reading

Figuring out content modeling.

I’ve spent my day neck-deep in content modeling articles. In all of my reading and research over the past 14 months, I had only occasionally come across the term, and in those instances, no basic explanation was given—and frankly, it just seemed a vague, elusive term, one I filed away as “I’ll look this up when it’s important.” Apparently, today it became important.Continue Reading