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The Biggest Umbrella

The Biggest Umbrella

At some level, we have to draw lines. It’s a just-hatched industry: across these fields, we are struggling with meaning, with expectations, with authority. We are trying to apply standards. We are trying to get our footing. But the key to blurring lines is to know where the lines are to begin with.Continue Reading

Lessons in audience-based reasoning.

You know what would have been a nice addition to Composition & Rhetoric 101? User testing. It’s not enough to “imagine” the audience’s values. What if we’d had more discovery tools, more empathy exercises, more time for introspection and conversation. What if, instead of theorizing audience reactions, students had access to firsthand user research?Continue Reading

Remove from device.

Today I downloaded about a dozen new book samples to my Kindle. In order to make sense of the glut, I wanted to move the one book I’ve actually read on it (give me a break, I’ve only had it six months) (also, the one book is Oscar Wilde, so, bring it) into the archives.…Continue Reading

A glass of UX, neat.

I just tweeted: Are there any resources out there for just straight-up UX (not design)? As a mode of thinking? Through the lens of human factors / psych? “Straight-up UX” isn’t exactly a technical term, but it reflects this truth: that UX isn’t a type of design. It’s not an adjective that delineates a particular…Continue Reading