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If you use one piece of punctuation in 2013, let it be the Oxford comma.

This is actually an opportune day to write about the Oxford comma, being the last day of 2012, because everyone around me is writing lists! Lists upon list. Lists of lists. End-of-year reviews and recaps. So listen up, folks who are making lists: consider employing the Oxford comma in your list-making machinations. It does so much and with so little effort. It is an absolute gem of punctuation.Continue Reading

“I’m just saying there are options.”

If I were to be brutally honest – if I weren’t, why the hell am I here? – then I would admit that I might be having a very itsy-bitsy teeny-tiny crisis of confidence right now.

It’s not that I mind owning up to the vulnerability, but rather than I feel a great deal like throwing a pity party right now, and that never comes across terribly well, online or off. Continue Reading