My name is Lisa Maria Marquis, and I am an independent consultant, author, speaker, and workshop facilitator.

As an information architect and content strategist, my mission is to make it easier for people to find, understand, and act on information on the web. I specialize in:

  • Analyzing and strategizing digital content
  • Building sitemaps and navigation structures
  • Assessing and designing taxonomies
  • Systems thinking for web work

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I design empowering user experiences.

Working with information on the web—displaying it, labeling it, connecting it, designing it—means changing that information. Every decision alters how information can be found, understood, and used, for better or for worse.

That's a tremendous amount of power to wield, and I'm vigilant about how that power impacts users. I make decisions that consider that impact first and foremost, prioritizing inclusivity, information literacy, accessibility, clarity, and systems thinking.

My goal is to build digital experiences that empower users to make informed decisions, advocate for themselves and for their communities, and change the world.


I've been an independent consultant since 2014.

My projects focus on the structure of digital systems, particularly for enterprise content. I specialize in helping clients understand the current strengths and opportunities in their digital properties, and providing strategic recommendations to address challenges in their content and site structure.

Recent clients include Indiana University, Included Health, Adobe, HealthPartners, the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, MassMutual, Vectorworks, and Carnegie Mellon University. I frequently partner with agencies such as Brain Traffic.

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I write books and newsletters.

I am the author of Everyday Information Architecture, a practical guide to IA for designers, developers, and other web workers who want to make more intentional sitemaps and information structures.

I am the coauthor of You Should Write a Book, a demystifying look at the process of pitching, drafting, editing, and marketing books—a must-read for anyone who's ever wanted to write a book.

I write a monthly newsletter about design, technology, writing, and culture.

Talks and workshops

I love speaking to an interested crowd.

I've been delivering talks and workshops since 2013—at local meetups, corporate events, and conferences such as:

  • Confab Central
  • Design & Content Conference
  • World IA Day
  • Confab Higher Ed
  • Content Strategy Summit
  • Web Design Day
  • BlendConf
  • MIMA Summit

I also offer regular one-off workshops in information architecture topics. Check Eventbrite to see upcoming workshops.