My name is Lisa Maria Marquis, and I am an independent consultant, writer, speaker, and editor.

As an information architect and content strategist, my mission is to make it easier for people to find, understand, and act on information on the web. I specialize in:

  • Analyzing and strategizing digital content
  • Building sitemaps and navigation structures
  • Designing taxonomic systems

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I design empowering user experiences.

Working with information on the web—displaying it, labeling it, connecting it, designing it—means changing that information. Every decision alters how information can be found, understood, and used, for better or for worse.

That's a tremendous amount of power to wield, and I'm vigilant about how that power impacts users. I make decisions that consider that impact first and foremost, prioritizing stress cases, information literacy, accessibility, clarity, and inclusion.

My goal is to build digital experiences that empower users to make informed decisions, advocate for themselves and their communities, and change the world.


I've been an independent consultant since 2014.

My projects focus on the strategic and structural portions of website design. I facilitate collaborative workshops with client teams to set strategic direction, and create artifacts (recommendations, analyses, sitemaps, etc.) to support that direction.

I often partner with design teams and agencies, including Brain Traffic, Happy Cog, Seven Heads Design, and National Design Service.

Recent clients include MassMutual, Vectorworks,, Carnegie Mellon University, the Posse Foundation, Gettysburg College, The Associated Press, University of California, and Autodesk.

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I write books, articles, and poetry.

I am the author of Everyday Information Architecture, which was published in April 2019 by A Book Apart. It's a practical guide for designers, developers, and other web workers who want to make better, more intentional, more inclusive sitemaps and taxonomies.

I write articles about IA, UX, and content strategy on my blog and elsewhere. I also write a tinyletter with brief observations about my professional (and sometimes personal) life, links to compelling cultural criticism, and worthwhile causes for giving.

Additionally, I write and publish poetry. My poems have appeared in Indiana Review, Pleiades, American Journal of Poetry, Crab Orchard Review, Puerto del Sol, and others. My poem "Situation Normal" won the 2019 Prism Review Contest (Issue 21).


I've been speaking at tech conferences since 2013.

My current talk, “Structuring Information to Empower Users,” can be given as a 45-minute talk or a three-hour workshop, and is available for conferences and corporate engagements in 2020.

I am an energizing and approachable speaker (perfect for those first-thing-in-the-morning or right-after-lunchtime slots). I consistently receive high satisfaction scores on audience surveys, and enjoy the opportunity to teach (and learn from!) new crowds. You can see some of my slide decks on Slideshare.


Developmental editing is just information architecture for books.

I’m the managing editor for A Book Apart, a publisher of professional books for designers, developers, content creators, and UX professionals. In addition to setting and overseeing editorial standards, I work closely with every author in the developmental editing stage to guide conceptual flow and narrative structure.

Recent titles I’ve worked on include: