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Pivot Tables are Magic

For me, working with automated crawl data is about translation: how do I make meaning out of these robot results? How do I condense the noisy numbers into a signal—something that provides insights for my strategy and brings my clients along on the journey?


This Talk is Political

Some in this industry ask for their colleagues to keep “politics” out of their work and off the stage. To those who would ask that: no.


What to Ask Before You Audit

Before you even begin the audit process, you need to make sure you’re collecting the right kind of data for the right reasons. Set yourself up for success by answering three critical auditing questions.


Time to Bring It Back Online

I’m supposed to start writing about the industry again? Here, or on Twitter? As if any of it matters? As if it’s fair to contain the multitudes for discussing my work, my politics, my writing, my frustrations, my minutiae, my rage, my joy, all at once?

But I Repeat Myself

The work sometimes involves tedium, drudgery, and, yes, repetition. But if we expect it from the beginning—if we acknowledge that retracing our steps is part and parcel to the project—then we move from redundancy to iteration.



My Head and My Heart

I put in my two weeks’ notice and tried to figure out my new role as a consultant. One week later, I had a stroke.



Asking and Answering

I won’t say these are resolutions for 2015, then, but I will say that this is where my energy is focused right now—and where I’d like to keep it for the next few months.

A Place for Everything

Adding content to a website isn’t just about manpower and production—it’s about considering the content’s impact on the whole system.


Sixteen Steps in the Writing Process

It would be embarrassing to publish an opinion only to find out that you simply didn’t have all the facts, thus offending others, sounding like a naive fool, and never being taken seriously in the industry again.

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